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23rd September 2020
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Summary of Current Allocations
Liz Pike (Novel)7
Jackie Gingell (Novel)0
Hazel Roadnight (Novel)0
Elaine Buckley (Novel)0
Mark Freeman (Novel)0
Bob Shepherd (Novel)0
Elaine Sharp (Novel)0
Dot Tinker (Novel)0
Jane Armitstead (Novel)0
Sally Burt0
Unallocated Entries0
Short Story
Liz Pike (Short)25
Biddy Martin (Short)0
Bob Shepherd (Short)0
Sue Ruston (Short)0
Unallocated Entries0
David Cloke (Poetry)0
Peter Buckley (Poetry)1
Jem Langworth (Poetry)35
Diane Summer (Poetry)30
Carol Steele (Poetry)0
Unallocated Entries2
Writing Without Restrictions
Liz Pike (WWR)0
David Cloke (WWR)0
Hazel Roadnight (WWR)0
Carol Steele (WWR)27
Peter Buckley (WWR)4
Jane Armitstead0
Unallocated Entries0